World History Matters

My latest publication is as a contributor to World History Matters: A Student Guide to World History Online, a nicely illustrated and well organized guide to scholarly internet sites. Yes, you can cite these in your papers!

Public Humanist

I have two new posts up at The Public Humanist. The first is on the traveling British Museum exhibition of Assyrian art, Art and Empire. The second is on the announcement of the Iraq Heritage Project. Please comment on both or either. I’m very curious to know what others think about these topics.

Book Review: Babylon’s Ark

Babylon’s Ark by Lawrence Anthony is a memoir of a conservationist’s trip to Baghdad soon after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to save the animals at the Baghdad Zoo. After reading a number of books on the topic, mostly on the archaeological looting, but also the excellent Imperial Life in the Emerald City, as…

Review of Ancient Near Eastern Art in Context

Aren Maeir has published a review of Ancient Near Eastern Art in Context in the Review of Biblical Literature. As is often the case in reviewing essay collections, much of the article summarizes the contents of the book but Maeir is generally positive. This is the final paragraph: All told, the varied, provocative, and generally…

Catching up with AmEx

Looking at my blog, I noticed there were a few things I did last year or earlier this year that I did not mention or link to. Two of them are websites for American Experience films: Oswald’s Ghost and Whitman. Oswald’s Ghost is about the impact of the Kennedy assassination on the nation’s psyche, the…