Huffington Post

Brain, Child Magazine originally published my essay on hugging my tween son (why he needs it and how I screwed it up), and now, through a partnership, the essay has been reprinted in the Huffington Post HuffPost Parents section here. Nice to see the story continues to resonate with readers.

Even Tween Boys Need Hugs

My latest essay published by Brain, Child Magazine is about why my 10 year old son needs hugs and how I screwed that up: My 10-year-old son can be a train wreck.  I know it’s not his fault. His limbs are growing faster than he knows, and his brain is all over the place, from the…

What Spelling Bees Taught Me About Life

Life lessons I learned while watching two spelling bees, published in Brain, Child Magazine. My two children recently competed in city-wide spelling bees. Sitting in the audience, my vocabulary didn’t improve, but I learned a lot about life. Luckily, I took notes in the form of Twitter missives. For example: Life is not about spelling…


After my nephew Harrison came to visit us, I wrote a short essay about being an uncle vs. being a father and it was published in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine yesterday. Here’s the link.