Writing and Editing

I am a writer and editor.

For clients like American Experience on PBS and the San Francisco Symphony, I have produced content for webpages, including capsule biographies, essays and interactive games. I also contribute writing to local campaigns and non-profits that I work with, like Green Newton and Newton Family Singers.

Behind the scenes, I have worked as an editor, helping academics make their dissertations more readable (and publishable) for the general public. I’ve also provided feedback on college admissions essays to high school seniors.

My reported pieces, as well as personal essays, have been published by the New York Times, Boston Globe Magazine, WBUR’s Cognoscenti, Orion Magazine, Brain Child Magazine, Your Teen for Parents Magazine, Writer’s Digest, Archaeology Magazine and Dig Into History (for kids), among others.

In all of my writing, I aim to make complex ideas easy to understand, and trade formal language and insider jargon for a more conversational tone.

I’m currently a copywriter and project manager at Crackerjack Communications.

Some good places to start in sampling my work:

Why is Wonder Woman reading Sumerian?

The Sudanese Hug

White Parents, Becoming a Little Less White

Antigone in Boston

(I am not, however, the author of the excellent Middle Grade book See You in the Cosmos although we share the same name.)

I try to post new writing on the blog on this website, as well as in my semi-regular email newsletter (motto: “too lazy to bother you very often”) which you can sign up for here.