Here and Now

Just for the record, I wanted to link to the pieces I produced for WBUR’s Here and Now last fall, a public radio newsmagazine that airs midday and is syndicated nationally by PRI. Links and airdates below:

How to Survive Disasters 9/27/2011

Eradicating Guinea Worm 10/12/2011

How to choose a Secure Password 10/17/2011

Long Bike Trails 11/17/2011

Lipitor off patent 12/2/2011

WWII Archaeology 12/7/2011

Food Trucks 12/16/2011

Pheromones 12/23/2011

Rwanda Public Health 1/2/2012

Also recorded the voices of people in front of the Boylston Street Apple Store at the top of our Steve Jobs obituary show 10/6/2011

As a bonus, I shot and edited a little video feature on a visit from Santa 12/23/2011

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