National Geographic Raw

Last fall, El Kurru, the archaeological site where I work in Sudan was featured in a National Geographic/PBS film called “Rise of the Black Pharaohs.”

National Geographic recently posted some video of the drone footage with narration by the camera operator in their online National Geographic Raw series. It’s fun to see and you can see the video on their Voices blog here:

Just FYI, Alan Turchik, the operator, calls his tool a helicopter, which it is. But it’s also the same machine that others call a drone — they just use the term copter because it’s less controversial. Also, he talks about El Kurru in the video and that site is seen, most notably where workmen are shown. There is also footage from the pyramids of Meroe, and the temple with stone lions at Jebel Barkal, and possibly also pyramids from Nuri. Just so you know.

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