Stranger Things have happened to my family

Our local NPR station, WBUR, has an “op-ed” type page on their website called “Cognoscenti.” There’s something I wrote about watching the Netflix series “Stranger Things” with my family:

Like many people, I indulged in nostalgia this summer watching the Netflix television series “Stranger Things.”
But not because of the content of the show.
For those who don’t know it, season one of “Stranger Things” consisted of eight episodes of about an hour each. The show follows the disappearance of a boy, the appearance of a girl, and some sort of monster prowling the woods. The cast can be grouped as the middle school kids, the teenagers and the adults. And all this is set in 1983.
But no, it wasn’t the show itself that made me nostalgic for my youth. It was how I watched it. Or rather, how we watched it.

The complete essay is here

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