Toronto 2017

In an ongoing attempt to remember what we do in our annual-ish trips to Toronto, I write these travelogues. They are peculiar to our taste and meanderings. Be warned!

This year, we figured the 150th birthday of Canada would feature lots of fun stuff.

(By the way, when I was a kid, we celebrated the sesquicentennial of Toronto. I took pride in the fact that I learned a word like “sesquicentennial” and it disappointed me to see so many references to “Canada 150” without any use of the s-word.)

Some memorable meals we had:

Sushi Legend — all you can eat Japanese food. Kind of a strange concept. You order on iPads and they bring you the food. The sushi was fine; not the best I’ve ever had but freshly made and better than supermarket sushi. The cooked food was very good, especially the grilled beef, tempura dishes and noodle dishes.

What I really love about Sushi Legend is the name of the restaurant. Clearly inspired by the successful local chain of restaurants called Asian Legend. (We also ate at Asian Legend because they make excellent soup dumplings, tofu, and pretty much anything. It’s maybe the kids’ favorite restaurant in Toronto.)

Loaded Pierogis — boiled or fried pierogis with traditional or non-traditional toppings. I almost went with the butter chicken but instead got the chicken club, with bacon and sour cream. Queen St West.



iHalo ice cream. This place has black on black ice cream cones. Soft-serve coconut ice cream with activated charcoal, and charcoal infused cones, too. Really yummy and looks totally weird. Queen St way West.


Fun stuff:

House of VR: virtual reality arcade. Hard to explain but totally fun to wear a VR rig and jump around a green screen while your family watches you on the monitor. Queen St west.




Hanging out with Sheldon and Cheryl, playing a putting game, making music and just hanging out.

We also had more fun (and spent more money) than anyone should at the Dollorama store.

The AGO was interesting but I was a bit underwhelmed.

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