Mumkin Tonite!

This winter, I was back in Sudan and had a videocamera with me. We’re finishing up the El Kurru International Archaeological Project and the dig director, Geoff, asked me to make a short film about cultural heritage in El Kurru village. To do that, I took camera and editing classes from my local cable access station, NewTV.

Mumkin is Arabic for “maybe” or “possibly,” and at some point on the dig someone asked when some event was happening. Mumkin tonight?, someone else responded. That sounded like the name of a talk show and thus was born Mumkin Tonite!, the only cable access show filmed in Sudan. That I know of.

If you want to see what Sudan is like, what archaeologists are like, what the Sudanese people are like…. you will have to wait for the longer film that I’m working on. If you want to see what archaeologists do when they have time (and a videocamera) on their hands, then please check out “Season One” of Mumkin Tonite!

This is an incredibly misleading screen shot.
But maybe you want to see what they are talking about?

The original Mumkin Tonite! theme song that plays at the beginning and end was written and recorded in the “office” at El Kurru. Luis had a little travel guitar and Kate came up with the words. (Fortune cookie: “You are a creative and witty person… in Sudan!”)


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