Writing in the new era

Things change. Yep.

The changes are not often what we’re seeking but we need to adapt.

Since the US election in November 2016, I’ve published two essays in WBUR’s Cognoscenti that reflect my optimistic disappointment. Surely, there’s a way out of this?

The first was published on November 14, 2016:

A New ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Host, And Other Silver Linings From The Election

As a Massachusetts Democrat, I was disappointed by the results of this year’s election. But as an American, I’m congenitally optimistic. So I made a list of silver linings.

I don’t have to follow the stupid campaign anymore.
My daughter still has the chance to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming the first woman president. (She will be eligible to run for that office in 2040.)

The second was published on January 20, 2017:

An Inauguration Day Message From A Time-Traveling Political Junkie

Hundreds of comic books, movies and television shows later, I finally get it.
In case you don’t share my viewing habits, picture this: We open on the Starship Enterprise, but the light is different and the uniforms seem more… militaristic. Captain Picard is more aggressive. But somehow, one of the crew members realizes that something’s not right. This is not how the timeline is supposed to be!
For the past two months, I’ve felt like I’m in one of those alternate timelines. 

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